Whoops! I accidentally made this game super garbage. It's not good, but if you still want to play it and have the UI function normally, fullscreening it is probably your best bet. 

Read about the reason for this game's existence here.

And hey, if you do actually play it, thanks! It means a lot! Let me know what you like or what I could do better.


WASD - Walk (you need to be next to things to interact)

Left click - Click on things (like the podium, notebook, computer, customers) to interact/give/take

Right click to put menus away

Code, Art & Design: Cody Spainhower

Clothes art & Addt'l Design: Sam Pokluda

Published Nov 11, 2017
Tagsdining, Pixel Art, prototype


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Hey - Can you add the controls to the Page?  I couldn't figure out how to take someones order?  I wana serve some Skeletons!!!!  :)

Hey, sure thing! I should have done that in the first place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯