In Abyssal Island, help your villagers defeat the Abyssal Monsters on the other side of the island to claim it as your own. Place buildings and train knights to fight off the monsters before they consume you!

Press ESC in-game for help, controls, and to start a new game.


Code, Art, & Design: Cody Spainhower @ Skeletonware

Fonts created by Daniel Linssen and Eeve Somepx

HEAVILY inspired by Breaking the Tower, created by Notch for Ludum Dare 12

Special thanks to Notch for (indirectly)  helping me learn how to use C# better by making Breaking the Tower open source!


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I am getting a bug where my serfs just stop working or doing anything about a minute into the game.


the game is fund but sometimes the controls are a little bit clunky. sometimes I cant place the flag. but i have to admit it is a fun game


I am addicted to this.  Haven't completed it yet but I totally intend to. Keep making more <3!

Thanks dude! If you feel like there's anything in the game that could be improved, or any bugs that you want fixed, just let me know and I can push a patch :)