Are you waiting for your computer to finish starting up?

Does your favorite RPG/FPS/AAA game keep crashing?

Do you want to play a quick round of an intense arcade game?

If your answer to any of these questions is "YES!", then it looks like you need BALLOON POP, a fast paced arcade game focused on hardcore balloon popping action!

Arcade Mode:

Pop green balloons to gain points, but don't let them hit the spikes above! Blue balloons slow down time; you'll need that for the later levels. Be careful about popping Red balloons; if you do, you lose 20% of your hard-earned points!

Zen Mode:

If you just want to 'zen' out, pop some balloons, or draw in the clouds, this endless mode is for you. In this mode, you can pop Red balloons without penalty; they're just hard to catch. When you're done, press Escape or Space to quit.


  • Left Click: Pop balloons!
  • Right Click: Move those pesky red balloons out of the way!
  • Right Click [Zen Mode]: Draw Clouds!
  • Space/Esc: Pause the game!


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Hey - Cool little game here - I feel like I did pretty well?  Or maybe I was terrible!

Level 12 - 18610 pts

Wow, nice! I think I've only got to ~level 16 or so, so you did pretty good!