Fog Eater is my first Ludum Dare entry, submitted to LD40. Void fog has invaded your land, bringing terrible creatures with it. In order to survive, you must travel through the void and activate the five light totems.


LD40's theme was the more you have, the worse it is. In Fog Eater, the more totems you light up, the more monsters come to kill you. In addition, the more health & bullets you have, monsters in the void can hear you easier and can detect your life force from further away. 


WASD: Move

Left click: Use Gun/Broom

Tab: Switch weapon

Left Shift: Show compass


If you get stuck in a wall (I didn't program collisions very well), you can press Backspace to get out.

If you get a lot of lag from the fog, please complain about it in the comments, and I'll see what I can do.

If you have any questions or you want to follow my future development, here's my twitter.


This game  was partly inspired by the game Earl Gray, created by JustWall. Check it out!

The font in this game is Managore's m5x7. Other than that, everything was made by me. 


Thanks a ton for playing Fog Eater!


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This is epic - I will win - The player gets a mind of his own sometimes :)

Thanks! :D Yeah... I think there's a bug with the web player where the keys/controls stick :?


Its all good - Had a blast with it - I recently tried to figure out that Web Player a bit ago - it had been since the Unity Web Player that I ever mess with it - Things have changes !